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Dolphin/Humpback whale watching in Kailua-Kona, the Big Island, Hawaii

Our winter months here in the Islands are full of visitors. The Humpback whales are returning from their feeding grounds in Southeastern Alaska to give birth to their young. When a calf is born, they have no blubber insulation to keep them warm in the cold waters of Alaska. Therefore, the annual migration of the humpback whales is the longest known migration of any mammal. They seek out breeding waters of approximately 75 degrees.

Our Dolphin/Whale watching trips are exciting from the moment we leave the Marina. We never know just where they will be. We always head for the Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary which is just a 25-minute ride. Our fast boat is able to get to the whales quickly so you have more time observing them.

During the winter months, we will see  Humpback whales spouting or doing some kind of surface activity. Most often we are able to see them breach out of the water is a spectacular display of power. When these 40-ton whales breach and land they create an incredible splash. As we listen each day to their singing with our underwater hydrophone to the singing of the males, we get an idea of all the activity that’s going on underneath us.

Also, there are large pods of Dolphins that we will watch for a while. We don’t swim with them in the afternoon’s like we do in the mornings. It’s their time to sleep and we don’t want to disturb them. We will take you to a s secluded beautiful reef  with lots of tropical fish.

Once again, we only take out 6 passengers on our 27′ power vessel. We want you to spend time enjoying your favorite activity. Whether it’s watching the dolphins/whale or snorkeling on a reef with lots of tropical fish and maybe a Manta Ray. The choice is yours.


Cancellation Policy: Customers will receive a refund with 72 hours’ notice of cancellation minus $20 booking fee. Customers closer than 72 hrs. to 25 hours before tour, will receive a 50% refund. Afterwards 25 hrs. before or no shows, there is no refund. Customers will receive a full refund in case of operator cancellation due to weather. Contact us by phone: 808-987-1584 or email coralreefadventures@gmail.com to cancel or inquire about a cancellation.