6 passengers max  |  In water Swim guide  |  Marine Naturalist on board
Quality Equipment  |  Clean & comfortable boat  |  World famous brownies

Snorkel with Manta Rays on our Night Dive Experience

Image of couple enjoying our Manta Ray night snorkel experience Image of couple enjoying our Manta Ray night snorkel experience
Manta Ray Night snorkel is something that you will always remember. You need not much experience as snorkelers in order to observe the mantas in their own habitat. For the best Manta Ray  Night Snorkel give us a call. This experience of Manta Ray Night Snorkel or Dive is rated as one of the top 10 dives in the world; it is often described as “surreal”.

We provide all the gear that you require. Snorkel, Mask, Fins, Wetsuit, Dive light as well, as a “custom light board with the brightest lights” for everyone to hold onto. Our swim guide will be right with you in the water to assist you if you have any issues with your gear or fear. She will prepare you when the mantas are coming up close to so you are able to have them come within 1 foot of your face. If you get cold, she will bring you back to the boat before the others are finished.

Our Manta Rays are very comfortable with snorkelers or divers in the water. This activity has been going on since the late 1970’s and they know that we will never harm them. Therefore, we get one of the greatest exposures to wild marine life possible and it’s totally safe.

How it works

The boat ride is about 20 minutes from the Honokohau Harbor. We tie up to a mooring ball close to shore in 30’ of water. As we’re waiting for it to get completely dark, I give a Manta Ray talk that describes what Manta’s are and why they do the things they do. I use a picture book so you can visualize what is going to happen. After the talk, we gear up and slide into the water and gather around a central spot. Here all the snorkelers from different companies gather together with all of their lights to attract the plankton. We provide a customized surfboard with 12 high powered lights for you to hold onto that attract the Manta Rays directly under us..

The mantas come to feed on the plankton that results in a truly majestic manta ballet that is comparison to a beautiful choreographed ballet. I have a professional videographer that comes and films you. Manta Ray Night Dive is so incredibly beautiful; you will count it as a highlight of your Hawaii experience.

MANTA RAY TOUR/ Early or Late?

EARLY TOUR; This is a 2.5 hour tour. We meet about 1 hour before sunset at the marina. This is the best guarantee for Manta's and the easiest one for most people who have limited experience because it's still light and you can see what's going on. This makes it easier then the late or when it's totally dark. We get to the site about sunset and this is when the Manta Rays start coming in to feed. We then get into the water and hold onto our light board with 14 high powered lights that collect plankton and this attracts the Manta's to our lights.

We are in the water approximately 45 minutes and back on the boat. We don't spend much time after getting on board before we take off back to the marina.

LATE TOUR: This tour can be awesome because there's only a few boats that go back out and we have the Manta's to ourselves.

This one is more for experienced snorkelers who have no problem getting into the water. We ask you to be at our meeting spot on time. We will be coming in from the first charter and want to do a quick turn around. Our crew will come and get you from the pavilion. So please have your bathing suits on and gear ready to go at the meeting time. We travel out to the site in the dark and hope that the Manta's are still feeding.

On the late tour, we want to quickly get into the water while they're still there. So, we may hurry somewhat and get in. After 45 minutes, we will get back on the boat and leave the site quickly. This tour is around 2 hours since we don't have the sunset to watch.

A word of caution on this late tour. If the weather is bad or there's only a few Manta's feeding on the first tour, we may determine that they will be gone by the time we get back out there, so we'd cancel the tour and refund your money.

A WORD TO THE WISE; On each of our tours, we need at least 3 signed up to run the tour. Please chose a day when there's others or be able to move to another day IF NO ONE SIGNS UP FOR THE TOUR.

General information for the night Manta Ray snorkel

They provide you with a wet suit, quality mask, snorkel and fins, a customized surfboard with 12 high powered lights that everyone holds on to in the water. This brings the Manta’s directly under us within inches as they do somersaults below.  They also have drinks and snacks on board – we even got homemade brownies made by Captain Ron’s wife!



If there are no manta rays, you can go for free another night on a standby basis or pay 50% of cost for a secure seat.


Cancellation Policy: Customers will receive a refund with 72 hours’ notice of cancellation minus $20 booking fee. Customers closer than 72 hrs. to 25 hours before tour, will receive a 50% refund. Afterwards 25 hrs. before or no shows, there is no refund. Customers will receive a full refund in case of operator cancellation due to weather. Contact us by phone: 808-987-1584 or email coralreefadventures@gmail.com to cancel or inquire about a cancellation.