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Wild Dolphin Snorkel Experience – No Longer Offered

Due to new laws, we are no longer running the Wild Dolphin Snorkel Experience, as of October 28, 2021. This tour is not available to book.

Quick Details

Person Ages 4 and up. All minors must be accompanies by a paying adult supervisor. Must weigh less than 270 pounds.
Private Charter

Snorkel with Dolphins in Kailua-Kona, Big Island of Hawaii

Check another box off your bucket list by swimming near wild Hawaiian spinner dolphins in the warm, crystal clear waters along the beautiful Kona coast. This ocean eco adventure is designed for the entire family, and you’ll depart our boat with lasting memories that will be excitedly discussed for years to come. With a maximum of six guests (along with our captain and crew), you’ll embark on an intimate encounter with one of the most majestic mammals on the planet.

This dreamy dolphin excursion is centered around humane interactions with the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin. We’ve guided thousands of guests into amazing dolphin encounters along the Kona coast since 2003, and our team takes great pride in their experience swimming near Hawaiian spinner dolphins, understanding their behavior, and developing techniques for ethical and safe interactions.

As we exit the mouth of Honokohau harbor, we’ll watch for dolphins that regularly ride our boat’s bow and play in our wake. You’ll learn about the dolphins as we slow down, watch the dolphins, and discuss their behavior. After a few minutes of dolphin watching, we’ll head up the coast to search for a pod of dolphins that typically numbers between 50 and 200. Once we find the pod, we’ll analyze the dolphins’ behavior to determine whether they’re in a rest cycle, and whether it’s an appropriate time to enter the water.

As we put on our snorkel gear and prepare to enter the water, our US Coast Guard certified captain and crew will educate your party about our environmentally cautious approach to sharing the ocean with wild Hawaiian spinner dolphins. You’ll learn how to quietly enter the water without disruption, you’ll learn the rules about keeping a safe distance and avoiding contact with the dolphins, and guests of all ages will be well prepared to ethically interact in a humane manner.

Upon quietly entering the water at a safe distance from the dolphins, your swim guide will lead the way and guide you into an unforgettable experience. Our swim guide is there to help make your tour amazing, and will do everything from adjusting your snorkel mask to taking underwater photos of you (with your own waterproof camera).

Some days, the dolphins will pass us by as they head along the coral reef. On other days, they may choose to approach us and engage with us, spending a longer period of time in our presence. While we see dolphins more than 95% of the time, they are wild animals and we can’t guarantee that we will see them or enter the water near them.

As the morning progresses and the dolphins enter their rest cycle, we will depart and head back toward the harbor. Along the way, time permitting, we may stop at one or more of Kona’s famous reefs for another snorkel “drop.” Our experienced captain will lead you to some of the best snorkeling reefs in the world, including lava tubes, sea caves, and abundant sea life. On a typical day, we spend time in the water at one or two different locations.

This 4-hour adventure comes with everything you need to snorkel, including a high-quality mask, snorkel, and fins. All you need is a bathing suit and you’ll be ready to go! Along with snorkel gear, you’ll be offered island-sourced pineapple, non-alcoholic refreshments, chips, and a special treat. We recommend you bring a towel, hat, sunglasses, and waterproof camera. There’s room on the boat for your backpack, purse, and other reasonably sized items.

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