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Dolphin Swim & Coral Reef Adventure

Swim with Wild Dolphins in Hawaii

Private Charter

Snorkel with Dolphins in Kailua-Kona, Big Island of Hawaii

WHALE WATCHING SEASON- December thru March.

Imagine boating along the coastline of the Big Island of Hawaii around Kailua Kona, the morning is clear and blue skies overhead with 80 degree temperatures. Under your feet that hang off the bow of our boat, Hawaiian spinner dolphins are riding the bow wake of our boat you have chartered for the morning. As the dolphins rise and spout in front of you they may even splash you with their tails in a playful jest. Tempting you to jump in the clear warm waters of Hawaii and spend some time observing the pod in their playfulness. They will even jump out of the water doing a flip or spin on their axis up to 7 times to show off or offer a greeting.

All Tour Participants must be able to Swim and Converse in basic English.

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